Research Essay – The YouTube Algorithm & Political Radicalisation

Introduction Ever since the Internet was released to the public 29 years ago in its first easily accessible form, the World Wide Web, the world has shrunk exponentially. Further developments in technology have completely changed nearly every facet of the way in which we traditionally consumed media - no longer do we have to rely... Continue Reading →


The Kids Are Alt-Right – The Internet and fascism

On August 11, 2017, an angry mob of white men marched through the University of Virginia campus in the city of Charlottesville, VA, USA as part of the 'Unite The Right' rally. Chanting Nazi and white supremacist slogans such as 'Blood and Soil', 'you shall not replace us, and 'white lives matter', the mob carried... Continue Reading →

BCM 241 Project Report

The Why Social media, for better or for worse, plays a significant role in our daily lives. Recent studies have shown that the average adult spends just shy of two hours a day on social media, and those numbers are only increasing. As well as this, the continuous development of smartphones over the past decade... Continue Reading →

The Internet Of Thangs

The notion of the 'Internet of things' is the idea that technology used in every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more interconnected, exchanging and swapping data, creating a world where everything with an Internet connection can connect to anything else. Our society, one that grows increasingly reliant on technology, can benefit hugely... Continue Reading →

S.O.S – Seeing The Full Picture

Social media serves many purposes - connecting with friends, sharing opinions, consuming content, and even getting up to date on current events. But there's another role that social media plays in the modern age that sometimes go unnoticed: it's ability to create change through public awareness. The most notable example of social media being used... Continue Reading →

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